An accomplished attorney has years of experience and training, and they should take their own personal oath… for David F. Hall that oath is to evaluate each potential client’s case fully, and if accepted, to serve and protect the financial interest and wellbeing of each client until their case is fully resolved and closure occurs; closure for a divorcing spouse, and injured child or adult, a grieving family, an unjustly fired employee, a financially harmed business person, or someone who has lost their home. Harmed victims in need of legal assistance often can’t pay if they are unemployed because of their injury. That is why David F. Hall can accept some cases on a no recovery/no legal fee basis. This arrangement is called a contingency fee. Call and ask about this arrangement if you have been hurt by another’s negligence, fraud, or mistake.

Negligence/Professional Negligence
A driver of a car owes to other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians a duty of reasonable care to drive safely.  When the driver breaches that duty and his or her carelessness causes harm to another, the careless driver is liable for the victim’s physical and emotional injuries, medical bills, and economic loss.  Their insurance company must pay.

A professional, such as a doctor who is trained and educated owes his or her patient a duty of care.  When the doctor breaches his or her duty of care to the patient and causes harm, the doctor is liable for substandard medical care and the victim’s physical and emotional injuries, medical bills, and economic loss.  Their insurance company must pay.

Family Law
Spouses in Maryland and the District of Columbia are entitled to the fair and equitable distribution of their marital property pursuant to a divorce.

Some mental health professionals say at-risk children can be further traumatized and suffer diminished self-esteem when their parents go through stressful contested divorces.  The law in the District of Columbia and Maryland considers first and foremost what is in the best interest of the minor child when deciding who gets custody of the minor child/children.  Child support in both jurisdictions is calculated pursuant to Child Support Guidelines set by statutory law.

When two divorcing spouses can agree on child custody, child support, and the distribution of marital assets, they can avoid a “contested” divorce and proceed to court for an uncontested divorce with a Marital Separation and Property Settlement Agreement in place. The advantage of this is that the divorcing spouses decide their own future and the future of their children… not a judge.

Domestic violence, whether in traditional marriages or between same sex GLBT partners, is a sad reality.  There are laws in place in Maryland and in the District of Columbia to proceed to court on an emergency basis seeking a CPO (Civil Protection Order) for the safety of the abused spouse, partner, or child.

Same Sex Partners
When their marriage falls apart, same sex partners in the District of Columbia are in need of the same services of a competent divorce attorney as are spouses in traditional marriages, and they deserve no less.

Litigation is a last resort when all settlement efforts and mediation fails.  Does anyone like to be in court… no.  But, if you are prepared to fight the battle, often meritorious cases settle because reasonable minds can agree that compromise in the face of litigation risks and expense is wise.  Trials can occur before a judge, administrative law judge, or a jury.

We have in the United States some of the best doctors, health care professionals, and dentists in the world.  But when they practice substandard medical care that causes harm, they are liable for their actions in a court of law.  Their insurance company must pay.

Real Estate
Sub-prime mortgages have caused havoc in our economy.  People are losing their homes.  There are ways to minimize the heartbreak of losing a family home when economics are concerned.  Some lenders will accept a deed in lieu of foreclosure, some will allow for a short sale.  When the mortgage is “without recourse” the lender cannot come after the home owner after foreclosure for a post foreclosure deficiency if the home sells for less than the mortgage owed.

Wills / Estates / Probate
The death of a loved one is a sad heart-wrenching time.  In every case I have handled, a family is much better off at their time of loss if they have been proactive in planning out the future of their elderly parents.  Wills, Medical Directives, Health Care Powers of Attorney, Joint Bank Accounts, Durable Powers of Attorney, deeds to real property as joint tenants or tenants in common are all considerations to be thought about sooner than later.  If a husband and wife own a home as tenants by the entireties, upon the death of one, their undivided interest in the property passes to the other in the District of Columbia and Maryland as an operation of law.

Corporate / Business
Should a start-up business incorporate, become an LLC, a standard C Corporation, an S Corporation?  What business licenses are required for your type of business?  How do you incorporate?  What insurance must your business carry as required by law?  All these considerations and more go into running a successful business in the District of Columbia and Maryland.

An employer in the District of Columbia or Maryland may terminate an at will employee for any reason that does not violate the law.  You cannot be terminated because of your sex, race, national origin, sexual preference, religion, age, or disability.  You have both administrative rights and rights you can exercise in court if this happens to you. If you are a contract employee or you are considering signing and employment contract, legal advice could save you money and help you understand the contract you are about to sign. Call David F. Hall to review and explain your employment contract.

Drinking and driving is not tolerated in the District of Columbia or Maryland.  You can pay fines, lose your license, and/or spend time in jail if convicted.  There are administrative remedies and due process procedures you can elect to exercise before the DMV in Maryland and the District of Columbia.  We can help you protect your rights at the administrative level and in criminal court as well.  In first time offenses diversion may be a viable option we can help you accomplish.

… always be ready…

The backbone of any good attorney is preparedness, ability to read another person, and calm under pressure… but the ability to adlib never hurts when you are caught by surprise… as we all are sometimes in life.


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